How Food Can Fuel Your Sex Drive

As I work my way through school and training as a relationship/sex coach, I’m learning some fascinating things about libido. Did you know food plays a major role in not only libido but sexual functioning as well? They do! Below are some everyday foods that are specifically used for various sexual circumstances, that you can start enjoying today!

Chocolate – Yes, yes I’m sure you are quite aware of what chocolate does to the body. It’s rich in antioxidants and gets the blood pumping (keep to the dark variety for the most benefits). Its primary compound is phenylethylamine, which is known for releasing endorphins (feel-good hormones), kind of like the high you get after an intense run or workout. The newest research indicates that chocolate is actually all in the head, meaning there is nothing it does specifically to your body other than release hormones and help think your way sexy. Works for me!

Watermelon- Oh yes, this juicy summer favorite is a go-to for the bedroom. Watermelon contains a high level of citrulline, an amino acid, which your body uses to release another amino acid, arginine. Arginine is typically known to help vascular health but in guys this can translate to a healthier erection; in women, increased libido! Studies have been conducted at the University of Hawaii to further enhance these claims, in the meantime I see no harm in buying a few melons.

Saffron – A well-known spice throughout Spanish and Mediterranean regions, it’s been known for improving sexual performance. Coupled with ginseng and yohimbine, these three substances can keep you going all night long!

Pumpkin Seeds – I knew there was a reason I loved Halloween! These delectable little seeds increase potency, drive and fertility for both men and women. Containing zinc, these seeds help raise testosterone levels in men and sexual desire in women. They are also rich in omega-3, which acts as a precursor of prostaglandins, hormone-like substances that play a key role in sexual health.

Asparagus – Yes, it will make your pee smell funny but who cares when it is known as one of the most intense libido boosters around? Asparagus is very high in vitamin E (which incidentally is known as the ‘sex vitamin’) and can raise your libido through the roof if eaten a few times a week. *I also recommend taking a vitamin E supplement daily, just for the sake of sexual satisfaction

Basil – The little herb that really started it all. Basil is known for increasing circulation (especially in the nether regions!) and also boosts fertility. What’s most fascinating about basil is that its scent is known to literally drive us wild! Mediterranean prostitutes wore basil oil to entice clientele, though I’m not quite sure I would recommend you mixing up a batch of your own!

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  1. allison says:

    I have read quite a few recipes that contain both watermelon and basil! Something to whip up for your next party perhaps!

  2. Ig says:

    Watermelon and strawberries for sure! definitely not chow mein and sushi!

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