Open Your Eyes!

I’m often asked (and I often have to ask) where are all the men? Where do we single ladies go to meet them? I’ve heard the same ol’, same ol’ advice: bars, sporting events, grocery store, gym, join a co-ed sports league…yadda yadda yadda. But it seems like in a city full of singles it would (and should!) be easier.

And then it hit me the other day: ladies, the men are EVERYWHERE! Literally everywhere. And I got to thinking about how I was complaining about meeting men, how I never felt I was meeting any and then thinking about how I was thinking about meeting men. Once I opened my eyes to the reality that men (ahem, available men) are everywhere, they started showing up and I was letting them show up. You see, it’s all about perception.

Turns out I was getting in my own way in meeting them. I was the problem. I was cynical, slightly apprehensive and pessimistic about the entire experience so I was never meeting anyone. Once I flipped that mindset I was able to break through my own prejudices and see the endless dating possibilities available.

*Warning: by flipping your mindset and getting out of your own way, dating will get a lot more fun, dates will be knocking down your door and life as you know it will not be the same

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  1. Rd says:

    Oh, everywhere we are. That is right. Yet it is still not that simple. Meeting somebody just randomly requires so many things to go right. Most importantly, the right words to come out. Sure, one can use a line and perhaps even get the desired attention with it. But what if using a line is, like for, is not the most comfortable way? In all of my years of traveling and meeting people, no place was this difficult thank the Bay Area. Here is my personal rating:
    South Bay: most difficult
    East Bay: moderate
    Peninsula: difficult
    North Bay: semi moderate to difficult

    I have my personal opinion on the why but I don’t always know how to overcome the whys. But one thing is clear. The men and the ladies are all out there, doing every day life things…

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